The Regional Sheet Metal and Mechanical Services and Design have merged to bring our two organizations together as one to better serve our clients.
Please click on the link for our new webpage.  Thank you for trusting us with your business!

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Regional Sheetmetal Manufacturing is a Midwest leader in the fabrication and wholesale of quality, heating, ventilation, and air condition ductwork products.

Regional Sheetmetal Manufacturing, LLC

Regional Sheetmetal Manufacturing, LLC., was established in 1984 by John and Beverly Stewart. Their son, John, became owner in January 2015. Regional Sheetmetal Manufacturing LLC., continually invests in modern systems and equipment to accelerate fabrication needs, throughout a 12,500 sf facility.


our mission

RSM believes in providing our clients with the highest standards of quality and service in commercial duct work.

our vision

RSM will be the leading manufacturer of commercial duct work in Ohio.

Regional Sheetmetal Manufacturing fabricates all spiral pipe and fittings to conform to SMACNA standards. Stock products consist of pipe and fittings up to 16″ diameter, with production capabilities up to 48″. Our highly experienced staff have the ability to produce spiral pipe and fittings in a cost effective manner for the customer.

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“All you need to know is that Eric, Dave and the rest of the team exceeded my expectations on this last project that they did with us. This was a big push project with a very quick time frame and it was completed perfectly.”


“Just a FYI. RSM was the highest bidder (out of 4 bids) on the SM package but failing to produce is not an option here, so I am going to award to RSM for First Class service on this one.”