Regional Sheetmetal Manufacturing, LLC., was established in 1984 by John and Beverly Stewart. Their son, John, became owner in January 2015.

Regional Sheetmetal Manufacturing LLC., continually invests in modern systems and equipment to accelerate fabrication needs, throughout a 12,500 sf facility. The focus consistently remains on exceeding client expectations by delivering high quality products and service, safely, within budget and ahead of schedule. Regional Sheetmetal consistently delivers sheet metal projects throughout a 5 state market of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The team at Regional Sheetmetal Manufacturing LLC., looks forward to the opportunity of partnering with your team on your projects.

Regional Sheetmetal
Manufacturing LLC
4401 Springfield St, Suite 200
Dayton, OH 45431



“All you need to know is that Eric, Dave and the rest of the team exceeded my expectations on this last project that they did with us. This was a big push project with a very quick time frame and it was completed perfectly.”


“Just a FYI. RSM was the highest bidder (out of 4 bids) on the SM package but failing to produce is not an option here, so I am going to award to RSM for First Class service on this one.”